Seniors - The Signature ($75)


Seniors - The Signature ($75)

from 35.00

The Signature is the photoshoot package which many seniors have loved, and has been tied into the identity of our brand. This package allows for tons of flexibility and creativity between our team and our clients. So many seniors choose this very popular package because of its’ amazing value, and its’ opportunity to showcase the true personality of so many students. The deposit for this shoot is $40, and no booking is confirmed until the deposit is payed. The total cost for this shoot is $75.

Once clients pay, they’ll receive a confirmation e-mail for scheduling. The photos which are sent are the final product, and no unedited images will be released. Once the photos are edited, a link to download pictures, which expire after one week, will be emailed to clients. If clients want to make sure a desired date is available, they should feel free to email before they pay. This package includes:

  • 60 pictures

  • Unlimited outfits

  • Unlimited locations

  • 2 hours of shooting

  • Free 24 hour turnaround

  • Free skin retouching

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